Welcome to How to ...  here we show you how to do science. Our how to ... articles are below and are full of information on how to preform science experiments at home.

I will give you a little how to ... now. This is how to make a how to article.

1. Use a the box below to make you article. Type in the name of the article, for example: How to Measure A Daphnia's Heartbeat.

2. Switch to source so you can see the little notes Science Wiki has left you.

3. Follow there simple instructions and when your finished press publish.

4. Add the category How to ... to your article.

That was easy, wasn't it? Don't forget to add that category to your article so it can be seen here.

Please don't spam this category or you will get banned!

Do not post medical advise here i.e How to tell if you have worms. You may get banned!

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